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Marathon basics:

1. It's free.

2. It lasts from ~8 p.m. Friday through ~midnight Sunday/Monday. Come and go as you please throughout the weekend.

3. Yes, you can stay the whole time and watch all the movies, or as many as you can stay awake for. Unless you have arranged for bed/couch/futon space in advance, though, you'll be crashing on the floor, so bring a comforter/sleeping bag, boo bankie, or woozawoodja; pillows, etc. Basically, pack as you would for a camping trip, except for a tent. And bear spray. And playground horsey.

4. Movies are only part of the Marathon experience; a comfy, mostly mellow party goes on around the films, in adjacent rooms, the back deck of the house, etc. Folks may well play Scrabble, Boggle, card games, etc. and/or make some music throughout the weekend. Occasionally marathoners make day trips to musea or parks.

4a. That said,the watching of movies takes precedence over other activities: if even one person is intent on watching a movie, other guests are asked to keep the noise and distractions down. We have two screening rooms, so typically at least one of them will be for "real" movie watching (though popular flicks tend to fill both rooms).

5. You will be fed. Your hosts are silly that way, making all kinds of food in advance and throughout the weekend. Nonetheless, we welcome contributions! Finger-foods are a good idea, and of course you can't ever have too many cakes, pies, brownies, etc. Do note that the Marathon tries to remain pescatarian (veggie + seafood) so please don't bring a spitted goat.

6. Ditto on liquid refreshments, soft, medium, or hard: We'll have plenty of this and that, but if you have a particular libation of choice and want to bring enough to share, rock on.

7. Feel free to bring along other guests, so long as they're not the sort to puke on the floor, break the plumbing, louse up the furniture, or insist on talking loudly when others are trying to watch a movie.

8. If you found this page, it means you probably received an evite already. If not, or if you want to have a paper invitation sent to you, or if you need more info about the 'thon (e.g., coordinating food & bev; driving or public transit directions), feel free to call Gourd at 301.467.7567 or email